Adopted Budget 2018-2019 Income

Carryover:                                           $74,705.00

Contracted Services:                           $1,676.00

Contribution Income:                         $9,140.00

Fundraisers:                                        $57,100.00

Grants:                                               $530,468.00

Interest:                                                     $374.00

Misc. Income:                                           $500.00

Transfers from Reserve Acct.                     $0.00

Fire District Assistance Tax:              $15,456.00

Personal Property Tax:                           $761.00

Real Property Tax:                              $90,921.00

Wildland Fires:                                      $1,000.00

Total Expenses:                                $782,101.00


2017-2018 Income
Carryover:                                          $50,737.00
Contracted Services:                           $1,599.00
Contribution Income:                         $1,700.00
Fundraisers:                                      $30,,000.00
Grants:                                                $75,660.00
Interest:                                                   $320.00
Misc. Income:                                         $500.00
Transfers from Reserve Account:            $0.00
Fire District Assistance Tax:            $14,392.00
Personal Property Tax:                           $70.00
Real Property Tax:                            $86,354.00
Wildland Fires:                                    $1,000.00
Total Income:                                $262,332.00

Adopted Budget 2016-2017 Income:

Bond Levy:                                                   $0.00

Carryover:                                          $94,099.00

Contracted Services:                           $2,223.00

Contribution Income:                          $1,721.00

Fund Raisers:                                      $20,000.00​​

Grants:                                               $319,519.00

Interest:                                                     $575.00

Misc. Income:                                           $600.00

Transfers From Reserve Account:   $30,929.00

Taxes-F.D.A.T.:                                     $16,758.00

Taxes-Personal Property:                          $79.00

Taxes-Real Property:                          $83,788.00

Wildland Fires:                                        $1,000.00

TOTAL INCOME:                                $571,291.00

Adopted Budget 2019-2019 Expenses​

Wildland Fire Expense:                       $1,000.00

Employee Benefits:                           $80,968.00

Payroll Expenses:                            $219,902.00

Other Expenditures:                         $10,629.00

Utilities & Communications:              $7,670.00

Public Information/Prevention:            $700.00

Repairs & Maintenance:                   $16,170.00

Administration:                                  $23,998.00

Capital Outlay:                                         $800.00

Contingency Funding:                     $419,994.00

Miscellaneous:                                         $270.00

Total Expenses:                                $782,101.00

2017-2018 ​​​​​Expenses
Wildland Fire Expense:                $1,000.00
Employee Benefits:                    $57,430.00
Payroll Expenses:                      $129,735.00
Other Expenditures:                     $7,320.00
Utilities & Communications:       $8,749.00
Public Information/Prevention:     $700.00
Rental Facilities:                            $5,000.00 Repairs & Maintenance:            $11,910.00
Administration:                           $23,122.00
Capital Outlay:                               $1,700.00
Contingency Funding:                $15,396.00
Miscellaneous:                                  $270.00
Total Expenses:                        $262,332.00

Adopted Budget 2016-2017 Expenses:

Wildland Fire Expense:                $1,000.00

Employee Benefits;                    $90.003.00

Payroll Expenses:                      $233,104.00

Other Expenditures:                      $9,850.00

Utilities & Communications:        $8,068.00

Public Information/Prevention:      $700.00

Repairs & Maintenance:             $16,000.00

Administration:                            $22,928.00

Capital Outlay:                             $26,871.00 

Contingency Funding:              $162,497.00

Miscellaneous:                                  $270.00

TOTAL EXPENSES:                    ​$571,291.00   


OUR MISSION STATEMENT:"To save lives and protect the property of all residents and visitors to the Crown King area, whenever and wherever the need arises."

Copyright © Crown King Fire District. All rights reserved.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a fire district?
A fire district is a political subdivision of the State, formed by a majority of voters for the protection of persons and property in an area approved by the counties.

How is the fire district governed?
The District is governed by a three member board elected at large by the voters. The Board establishes policy and approves the annual budget.

What services are provided by the District?
CKFD provides fire, emergency medical, hazardous material, and a variety of other services. Our fuels reduction crew works year-round to reduce hazardous fuel loads for wildland fires with the help of groups such as AmeriCorps NCCC. The department also provides free blood pressure checks, hosts an annual flu shot clinic, educates children on fire prevention, supports community Firewise efforts, and manages the local slash pile for brush disposal.

Who pays for the District?
The District is organized under the laws of Arizona as a special district. A majority of its revenue is from grants, as illustrated in the                  2017-2018 tenative budget below.  This budget reflects a 14% decrease from last years adopted budget.  Additional revenues are             
generated by our annual auction fundraiser and a secondary property tax assessed on all real property in the Fire District.  



​​How do I apply for a burn permit?
See the section on our webpage about burn permits or stop by Station 1.

How do I apply for a position at CKFD?
Applications will be accepted only during posted recruitment periods. Please call the Fire District at (928) 632-7163 for more information or watch the homepage of this website for further information on current job openings. Volunteer applications are accepted year-round.

How do I check my smoke detector?
Each smoke detector has a test button, usually in the center of the detector. Protect your ears, as the alarm will be very loud. Press the test button and hold for a few seconds. If it is working correctly, the alarm will sound and will automatically stop after a few more seconds. The most common problems are low battery and units needing to be cleaned (using compressed air to blow the dust out).

Is my medical information kept private?
Yes, and we are happy to provide a copy of our privacy policy upon request. Does CKFD bill for its services? Residents and property owners in the district are not charged for CKFD emergency response services.

How does CKFD determine where to clear properties of fuels?
Our fuels reduction work is grant based, which requires us to clear in areas of contiguous properties. Our goal is to protect the overall community from the worst wildland fire threat (south and southwest),  to the northeast.

                                                                                         CROWN KING FIRE DISTRICT

                                                                                   NOTICE OF PUBLIC BODY QUORum

A quorum of the Board of Directors of the Crown King District may/will be in attendance at events/places including those listed below in Crown King and the surrounding area.

The Fire District Board will not hold an official meeting. They will not consider any agenda items and will not collectively discuss or take action on any issues at these gatherings.

                                                   * Crown King local businesses and post office.

                                                   * On work site projects at various locations in Crown King.

                                                   * While working as part of the band at various events and locations.

                                                   * While attending local events and/or family gatherings.

                                                   * While attending AFDA training sessions at various locations.